Prioritize Your Freaking Peace – Day 19 of 100

Be mindful when you react to people when you feel disrespected. Forgive yourself and do it often. Being a nice person means being nice to yourself as well. Some stuff is just not worth your energy. Learn to pick and choose your battles. Being grateful for what you have in the midst of what you... Continue Reading →

10 Things I learned As Newbie Blogger

If you look more than few minutes in social media, you can easily find great articles on things learned about blogging. So in this new found community, becoming a blogger reframed my world. Instead of living life on auto-pilot, everyday is a new opportunity to blog post. Everyday that I see, feel, hear, read, encounter... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Going – Day 4 of 100

A month ago you said "soon". Last week you said "later". Yesterday you said "tomorrow". Bad decisions can be made anytime. But regrets will always stay a lifetime. What matters is the starting. Just keep going. = = May happiness be with you==

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