Some Disconnections Will Bless Your Life – Day 25 of 100

Because caring too much about too many things can destroy you. We have our own individual loads to carry. That simple. Minding more on other people's business is like putting yourself into fire to get yourself burn. Don’t offer anything that’s too much for you right now. If you start feeling frustrated because someone is... Continue Reading →

Take Action -Day 22 of 100

Do you ever find yourself knowing what you need to do but you're just not able to get yourself to do it? Why this happened? It takes a tremendous amount of energy to start the action and keep it going. Anytime you face a decision to do something new in you life whether to reach... Continue Reading →

Life Can Be Simple – Day 13 of 100

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated - Confucius Missing Wanna meet up...invite Want to be understood...explain Any questions...ask Dont like something...say it nicely Like something....declare it Want something.....ask for it Stressed......let go Love someone....say it! Offended someone....apologize Tired....Rest ==May Happiness Be With You==

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