Follow where your heart is

What to do? Whom to follow? Where to go? How will I? Those were the indefinite "WH's" questions every time we caught ourselves unguarded in the middle of decision making. It is evidently explained in anatomy that location of brain is higher than the heart. Though needless to say that it is true and that... Continue Reading →

How Committed Are You?

Today marks the last day rest for the 4-days vacation in celebration of the Eid al-Adha here in Qatar being part of the Arab Countries. While emptying my mind from so much worries, I came to this thought of asking myself.... how committed am I? Well, let's talk about relationship with your partner. Commitment may... Continue Reading →


Having a hard time forgiving? To the one who hurt you? To the one who stabbed your back? To the one who shattered your dreams? To the one who caused you pain? To the one who made you cry? To the one who put you down? I think no one is excuse from those experiences... Continue Reading →

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