I’m Not Supposed To Feel This Way

When you strip away a big part of your life, you feel exposed, empty, and vulnerable. For many months, my thoughts where in constant battle. Of giving up. Of letting go. STOP EXPECTING, START ACCEPTING, LIFE IS SO MUCH EASIER At the end of the day, I'm a good woman, not perfect by any means... Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up – Day 40 of 100

You did your best today. A little self compassion goes along the way. Stop waiting for everything to be perfect to be happy. All I can do is putting love in the universe. You'll end up where you're supposed to be, relax. Trust the timing of your life. And always always...don't give up!😘 =May Happiness... Continue Reading →

Keep Fighting – Day 39 of 100

To the person reading this. I know you're tired. I know you're upset. Life sometimes is a mess. And you want to make changes How do you start? When problems pile up, we oftentimes forget that there is inner strength and power to overcome adversities. Keep standing, keep fighting. I did 8km trot tonight and... Continue Reading →

Get Going – Day 38 of 100

Next time you hear yourself saying, "I really need to...", just go ahead and do it. Sometimes, when we promise that we will do something and we don't, we can slip into a negative cycle of feeling like failure. And then here comes regret, making some fuss in the air saying.."shit! I should have done... Continue Reading →

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