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…I am Ross, 34-year-old working Filipina expat in the Middle East Doha Qatar, my second home for 6 years. Spent my childhood years with a strong rural family background in the Philippines. The experience of being peasant drove me to dream big and break the chain, applied scholarships to finish studies, became working student, earned Bachelor’s degree with flying colors and landed a well-paying job.

…But sometimes, things didn’t always go as planned. I became single mom at age of 23 and forgot in a long while that there is life outside the box. 5 years later, I kicked my ass off, left my home country in search for greener pastures, carrying with me the hope of finding life again. And here I am, considering myself a “late bloomer” and a strong believer that dreams never ends.

…Living in a home away from home is not an easy journey. So this blog is a collection of my thoughts on discovery of my passion for runningtravelling and life in general which I call “my happy pills” that have gotten me through a lot of hard times which I know most of us can relate to.

Welcome to my world.

Thank you for dropping and let’s get connected!


Inspired by https://mindpowergrow.com/ I am writing below some of my goals for 2020.



  • Finish the life-coaching course (on-going) through Udemy with Certificate
  • Be able to finish 90-day Book Writing Challenge course (on-going) by Write University https://writeuniversity.net/
  • Take IELTS exam
  • Take photography course
  • Apply for Australian visa
  • Open for dating 😛


    • 5km -20min (current: 22)
    • 10km – 47min (current :49:01)
    • Half – 1hr:45min (current: 1:50)
    • Full – sub 4hr (current 4:10)
    • 60 (current 35)
    • 30min( current 10min)


  • Able to influence, motivate a friend to fitness
  • Read more self-help, life-coaching books
  • Reach out more people
  • Be able to set up other social media platforms

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