The Power of Giving

A very familiar saying that goes..the more you give, the more you shall receive.! While taking a shower today, worrying and counting the days how to survive before salary comes,  a typical employee like me who tried to make ends meet, a sudden memory popped out in my mind...the power of giving. Once, I met... Continue Reading →

How Tired is too tired

How tired is too tired? Today is the last day for the month of April. I didn't even remember how the month of April started whew! That's how preoccupied my mind and schedules were. I would love to put something inspiring message here today. But couldn't even grasp the write words to say...just I'm tired.... Continue Reading →

A home. This place has so much memories of me. From childhood, to teenage. A place where I and siblings used to run after snakes, frogs,dogs, ducks and even rats. A place where free range animals roamed around and play.. Can you imagine this paradise looks like? This is the place where my hopes and... Continue Reading →

Dear Son

How have you been? It’s been three years since I left you. I know you are a big boy now but for me, you are still my baby who used to look for me everytime I was out of your sight. My tongue was muted and my heart was pinched when I phoned you one... Continue Reading →

Living Grudge-Free

A Blessed New Year! This is my first post for this year. I hope and pray for another new me. It is not about changing of who and what I am. It maybe about changing my perceptions about life, about it's beauty and about it's purpose. Just as I tried to distant myself from so... Continue Reading →

I’ve made it!

I've made it! Last night was awesome! Yeah, I made my first ever 10k run (normal pacing/speed) in 1 hour. How much more if I added speed on it? (wink!) It was already a great accomplishment for a non-professional runner like me. I remember when I just started to try my luck on running sports.... Continue Reading →

Happiness Within

People aren't meant to be all alone in this world. No matter how introvert a person is, no matter how hard as rock a heart of a person is and no matter how we try to put ourselves in a box, there will always be somebody who will shake your world. After almost 15min-4 kilometer... Continue Reading →

Be Free!

It's month of October! Which means winter season is fast approaching! I felt sorry for those who have bone problems. I mean those with bone sensitivities to cold environment. On this month also, I loose one tooth...which was very sensitive to cold drinks also :):) Yes,you've read it right. It was finally extracted this morning.... Continue Reading →

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