Expat Experience

Happy to be part of the expat circles and share my answer to some questions given by Ms.Sarah Emery, a travelling expat blogger. Follow here journey on insta @sarah_with_a_smile ; https://sarahwithasmile.com/advice-from-expats-around-the-world/ 1. What was the best advice you received before living abroad and how did it help you?   I think, best advice given to... Continue Reading →

Bringing Myself Back on Track

I have been into a 21 day vacation. And yes! I had an amazing travel! It was literally a homecoming of being away from the past, a result of the decision I made 5 years ago. The decision that I had to become someone else. The decision to step into uncertainty, create my future and... Continue Reading →

My 100-Miler Month

This is an awesome - mileage month for me! I literally did my 50-100 miles ultra run this heart month! At, first I did my 50Kilometer run ultra last February 13,2018 during the Qatar Sports Day2018 held at Oxygen Park by Qatar Foundation organized by QRC (Qatar Running Club). That was the very first Ultra... Continue Reading →

Thankful 2017!

Another year had passed to each and every person. When I look back at my 2017, it was full of surprises and accomplishments! This year was awesome! It leads  the discovery of the other side of me that contributes a lot in my physical and emotional transformation. I did fall in love with running! Well,... Continue Reading →

A home. This place has so much memories of me. From childhood, to teenage. A place where I and siblings used to run after snakes, frogs,dogs, ducks and even rats. A place where free range animals roamed around and play.. Can you imagine this paradise looks like? This is the place where my hopes and... Continue Reading →

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