PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar)

Yesterday, September 27, 2104 I had my PDOS at Faura. This orientation was required for an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker who are about to leave Philippines to try greener pasture in the other country. There were I think 10 of us who availed the orientation. ¬†When our speaker asked us what is our purpose of... Continue Reading →

Red Ribboning of Documents at DFA

Last Monday, I submitted my Certificate of Employment, Birth Certificate and my NBI Clearance to DFA for Red Ribboning. If you will be working abroad, you need your documents be " red ribboned"/ authenticated by DFA. This applies to some countries but some don't require it anymore. From Kamuning, where our office is located, I... Continue Reading →

SONA (Start Of New Aspirations)

Today, is the 5th State of the Nation Address (SONA) of our beloved President Benigno Aquino. As I browsed the net, protesters here and there were on the road lamenting their lack of trust to current government. Unsatisfied people tend to blame others instead of looking at themselves on what they can do to contribute... Continue Reading →

NBI Proccesing Experienced

Yesterday, I was able to process my NBI clearance, part of my requirements for job application abroad. The experience yesterday was different from what I had last 2011, my last issued NBI clearance. Oh! It's been two years! Anyway, it goes like this. I alarmed my clock at around 3am, that's when typhoon Henry came... Continue Reading →

Hello! My last post was about¬† my preparation for the Civil Service Examination. But actually, since I graduated in college with Honor (Cumlaude) I should not need to take this examination instead, apply for the PD 907 intended for Honor graduate eligibility to apply. On my personal level, I wanted to experience the challenge of... Continue Reading →

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