I Have Been Exposed To COVID 19 Positive, What Do I Do?

"Oh Shit!" was the first word that came out of my mouth when a close coworker called me about the result of her test. She was sobbing hard and was so scared because she also is undergoing chronic medication which we all know are really at risk. I was really speechless. I had so many... Continue Reading →

My 100-Miler Month

This is an awesome - mileage month for me! I literally did my 50-100 miles ultra run this heart month! At, first I did my 50Kilometer run ultra last February 13,2018 during the Qatar Sports Day2018 held at Oxygen Park by Qatar Foundation organized by QRC (Qatar Running Club). That was the very first Ultra... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Jealousy

It is romantic to hear that someone is afraid of loosing you. I became jealous when I thought that  someone can make him happier than I did. That someone is better than me. That someone can take him away from me anytime, anywhere. Jealousy  is a sickness that needs healing. It cannot be done overnight. It takes time... Continue Reading →


Sometimes, I pretended to just close my eyes not to see heartbreaking news being aired, cover my ears not to hear the noise of the world and harden my heart not to be affected by so much social issues. But no, I am part of the universe. My patriotism was awakened this morning by the CNN... Continue Reading →

Keep going..

Life can be tiring yet inspiring. It is reality that when we were in a smooth sailing, and when all of a sudden a strong wind blows the tendency for us is to panic. We tend to loose control on the boat. A friend who was once a successful football player, an image of a... Continue Reading →

When Somebody Needs a Hand

I remember the words " paying forward". I was once and will always be so blessed with a helping hands from different faces. In many unexpected circumstances in my life that I thought I was alone..that I thought God forsaken me..that I wished I had not waken up. Many times I call upon Him, surrendered... Continue Reading →

Whispering Love

Thank you our dear Lord.. ..for the heart that feels love instead of pain ..for the eyes that sees beauty beyond imperfections ..for the mind that understands the difference of fantasy and reality .. and for the soul that trust You when darkness prevails je crois en toi.

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