ALL IT TAKES IS ALL YOU’VE GOT – The Theeb 50km Trail Race 2020

photocredit from organizers: as runners took off I knew it will not be easy running another ultra marathon with just two weeks recovery after the other. But I first truly believed that "I. CAN. DO. IT". Gathered all the energy left, got the best happy pill with me (the powerhugs from people I love), trusted... Continue Reading →

Year Ender 2018

Dear Chances, Opportunities and Changes, Be it small or big, in whatever form you may appear...I AM READY! This year was awesome! It leads to the discovery of the other version of me that contributed a lot in my physical and emotional transformation. I did fall in love with running eventually! Yeheey! Well, anybody can... Continue Reading →


Part of the game, part of life,part of becoming stronger is the thing called injury. No matter how much extra careful we do, it happens unexpectedly. Month of October was an injury month for me, physical and emotional. I felt drained. Why did they have to go through those together? Oh God! Maybe because a... Continue Reading →


When month of August arrived, I wanted to write something essential, something worthwhile and something inspiring that whenever I read it, I would be reminded to be strong, be calm and be broad-minded. But time flew that fast, that I didn't noticed it's the last day of of the month. In those days that had... Continue Reading →

The Game of Life

Yesterday, I was able to beat the April Friday the 13th which is considered an unlucky day in western superstition. But I personally don't believe on this. I finished the 10K RACE at Qatar Running Series winter edition getting First Place to Podium with a smile under the drizzling rain. My past races and awards... Continue Reading →

My 100-Miler Month

This is an awesome - mileage month for me! I literally did my 50-100 miles ultra run this heart month! At, first I did my 50Kilometer run ultra last February 13,2018 during the Qatar Sports Day2018 held at Oxygen Park by Qatar Foundation organized by QRC (Qatar Running Club). That was the very first Ultra... Continue Reading →

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