One day, I’ll write my Own Book!

With conviction! I've always dreamed of writing a book. But how and when, are  the ageless questions that has indefinite answers...yet! Haha! Pinch me, I am dreaming! Just a sudden thought I have right now. Can I? I belong to the 80's generation. Grew up in rural area. Way back then, there was no internet... Continue Reading →

When this is over

When this is over I would jump off from bed Lace up and run straight As fast as I can As far as I could When this is over I would never-ever waste a single moment To hug people I've distant with The neighbor, family Be it friend, or enemy When this is over I... Continue Reading →


Just dealing with some emotional issues right now.  A dear friend just died, motorcycle accident. She was one of my best friend, an angel, roommate, a pharmacist, a mother of 3 kiddos.  Two years ago I posted here about sending her off to the airport because she'd already finished her contract and went back to... Continue Reading →

Bringing Myself Back on Track

I have been into a 21 day vacation. And yes! I had an amazing travel! It was literally a homecoming of being away from the past, a result of the decision I made 5 years ago. The decision that I had to become someone else. The decision to step into uncertainty, create my future and... Continue Reading →

What If I die Today?

Death is certain, but when and how is uncertain. Sounds too cliche but this suddenly popped in my mind today. I woke up with painful left arm. Oow, I might have slept in wrong position as I assessed it. I satdown for a while, got up from bed and did mild stretching. Everything went normal,ate... Continue Reading →

Year Ender 2018

Dear Chances, Opportunities and Changes, Be it small or big, in whatever form you may appear...I AM READY! This year was awesome! It leads to the discovery of the other version of me that contributed a lot in my physical and emotional transformation. I did fall in love with running eventually! Yeheey! Well, anybody can... Continue Reading →

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