Talk Yourself Up – Day 32 of 100

I just ran 15km this morning with some of running friends. What kept me going was my positive self talk. If you were there, you can hear me murmuring sometimes haha! I love voicing it out! I talked to the rocks, to bushes, to birds, to camels and even to fishes when I got the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Wait To Be Ready, Stay Ready

Common question I received. Are you training for something or what are you training for? I mean, they were referring to future races or events. Given the world's current situation, where all running races are cancelled, I was just busy throwing my ass on the road for goodness ooh running's sake :). Not because I... Continue Reading →

How to Run with Mask

How it affects my running? When running with mask becomes fashion 🙂 It was beginning last May 16 when the local government of Doha, Qatar issued precautionary measure of wearing mask be mandatory when leaving the house for any reasons. Violators of new rules will face up 3 years in jail or a fine of... Continue Reading →

One day, I’ll write my Own Book!

With conviction! I've always dreamed of writing a book. But how and when, are  the ageless questions that has indefinite answers...yet! Haha! Pinch me, I am dreaming! Just a sudden thought I have right now. Can I? I belong to the 80's generation. Grew up in rural area. Way back then, there was no internet... Continue Reading →

Impossible to I’m Possible

My September month was full of aspirations. One year to be exact when I've gotten hook to running. As for the moment, I am preparing and trying to involve myself in more upcoming running adventures, races, marathons and ultra. As I tried to recall my path heading to this journey, I couldn't help it but... Continue Reading →

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