Talk Yourself Up – Day 32 of 100

I just ran 15km this morning with some of running friends. What kept me going was my positive self talk. If you were there, you can hear me murmuring sometimes haha! I love voicing it out! I talked to the rocks, to bushes, to birds, to camels and even to fishes when I got the... Continue Reading →

Persistence Makes All The Diffence -Day 14 of 100

It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela Persistence to wake up early Persistence to start Persistence to keep going Persistence to keep writing Persistence to adapt Persistence to commit Persistence to make time for hobby Persistence to exercise Persistence to make days productive Persistence to develop inner confidence Persistence to get up... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Going – Day 4 of 100

A month ago you said "soon". Last week you said "later". Yesterday you said "tomorrow". Bad decisions can be made anytime. But regrets will always stay a lifetime. What matters is the starting. Just keep going. = = May happiness be with you==

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