Take My Heart And Break It

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
Take my heart and break itIt troubles me all dayThinks about you all the timeWhat more is there to say? Take my heart and break itEasier for you than meI would have done it myselfBut I’m too weak you see Take my heart and break itAs hard as you possibly…

Break The Wall

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
Why don’t you send me a text?Or call me on my phone?Without you I am nothingWithout you I’m all alone You know I am too weakToo scared to break the wallBut if I were to hear your voiceI’d pass right through it all I’m waiting for a signalWaiting for a…

Let My Heart Cry A Little Tonight

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
Let my heart cry a little tonightLet my eyes be wetLet my soul emit more lightSo I can forget My heart is still so very youngBut it feels so oldWords that flew off from my tongueShould never have been told Make my heart more complicateThen there’ll be nothing newLike my…

Don’t Fire Your Arrows At Me

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
Don’t fire your arrows at meDon’t pierce my soul this wayDon’t make me bleed anymore nowMy heart is in decay I don’t consider it a battleYou make it seem a warI have never held a weaponOr fought someone before I was thrown in this arenaI wasn’t meant to be hereThis…


You’ve been a roller coaster ride, 2020! And just like that, you are almost over – and yep, it’s the time of the year when we can reflect on what we’ve accomplished and what we’d like to make better for the new year. Despite downfalls, I’m grateful that we made it here. Thank you for… Continue Reading →


Every runner has a story to tell and has reasons of putting that one foot in front of the other. The endorphins, camaraderie,experience,self expression, podium, fitness, passion, name it. But for me that day, I just wanted to RUN HOW I FEEL, to execute as fast as I can, as mad as I can! There… Continue Reading →

Iā€™m Not Supposed To Feel This Way

When you strip away a big part of your life, you feel exposed, empty, and vulnerable. For many months, my thoughts where in constant battle. Of giving up. Of letting go. STOP EXPECTING, START ACCEPTING, LIFE IS SO MUCH EASIER At the end of the day, I’m a good woman, not perfect by any means… Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up – Day 40 of 100

You did your best today. A little self compassion goes along the way. Stop waiting for everything to be perfect to be happy. All I can do is putting love in the universe. You’ll end up where you’re supposed to be, relax. Trust the timing of your life. And always always…don’t give up!šŸ˜˜ =May Happiness… Continue Reading →


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