Take That As a Win

A lot of times in life, we don’t get what we want. We don’t always end up where we hoped to be. And we don’t end up being who we expected to be. And THAT IS OK. If someone comes into your life and has a positive impact on you, but for some reason they… Continue Reading →

Start Valuing Yourself

Stop looking for someone to validate your value Excuses will always be there, so don’t be a subject to be taken for granted Hang out with people who force you to level up Today is another chance to get things right Best way to grow is cut back emotional vampires You don’t need their approval… Continue Reading →

I Have A Heart Too

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
I wake up in the middle of the night With your thoughts in my head I dream with open eyes Lying in my bed It’s strange what love can make you do I never knew I had a heart too Food does not interest me anymore Your thoughts just fill…

I Wanna

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
I wanna look into your eyes and forget the worldI wanna hold your hand and connect straight with your soulI wanna fall asleep besides you and dream about your smileI wanna wake up the next morning and hold you for a while I wanna tell you all the little things…

Take My Heart And Break It

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
Take my heart and break itIt troubles me all dayThinks about you all the timeWhat more is there to say? Take my heart and break itEasier for you than meI would have done it myselfBut I’m too weak you see Take my heart and break itAs hard as you possibly…

Break The Wall

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
Why don’t you send me a text?Or call me on my phone?Without you I am nothingWithout you I’m all alone You know I am too weakToo scared to break the wallBut if I were to hear your voiceI’d pass right through it all I’m waiting for a signalWaiting for a…

Let My Heart Cry A Little Tonight

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
Let my heart cry a little tonightLet my eyes be wetLet my soul emit more lightSo I can forget My heart is still so very youngBut it feels so oldWords that flew off from my tongueShould never have been told Make my heart more complicateThen there’ll be nothing newLike my…

Don’t Fire Your Arrows At Me

Originally posted on Frank Solanki:
Don’t fire your arrows at meDon’t pierce my soul this wayDon’t make me bleed anymore nowMy heart is in decay I don’t consider it a battleYou make it seem a warI have never held a weaponOr fought someone before I was thrown in this arenaI wasn’t meant to be hereThis…


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