Going Through Pain is Frightening. You Have To Be Brave…ALONE!

A friend once hit me with his line, ” I have my own daily battles everyday, I cannot be responsible for other people’s battles too“. I would say yes, it’s a harsh truth. I learned the hard way. Simply because everyone are busy fighting their own battles. Everyone are busy minding their own business. No one will carry the pain for you. No one is responsible for you, for your own shits except YOU.

Since I got involved into running, every part of it has become the reflection of everything to me. Beginning from baby steps, to inevitably frustrating injuries, to intensive training, to camaraderie of people in sporting communities and upto the actual races. There is no one-liner sentence to answer question of how did I start my running. It involved pain, inside-out. It took time, not just an overnight struggle. Until I discovered the discipline of it…the commitment in it.

One thing I learned about running is turning that pain, that emotions to energy. You might not get it but as weird as I may sound, make me mad..rage me and I can run more! It becomes the outlet of my inner battle, my morning meditation and evening finale.

Photo was taken in one of my Ultrarunning races I had, the recent 90KM Ultramarathon. About less than a mile to finishline. I was in total physical pain, silently whining. But that was where I found my power…in painful moments. This photo always reminds of my mantra “pain is temporary“.

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