500KM In 5 Days – First Females To Circumnavigate Qatar On Foot

So grateful to be one of the first females to circumnavigate Qatar on foot. When it was introduced to me, I was a little scared but without any hesitation I still said “yes” to it. It will be an amazing adventure and see how it will define my limit, my capacity as human.

The challenge: we aim to walk, jog and run around the periphery of the country in a period of five days, camping by the road side on February 5-9,2021 with a total distance of approx 500KM.

This has previously been completed by only two men in separate solo challenge.


* Four expatriate women from three countries

* Reasonably experienced ultra runners

*Ambitious goal setters

*Invested in our sporting communities (running,cycling,triathlon)

*Invested in to inspire the next generation

Already involved in actively promoting increased of female participation in sports in the country.


a.k.a Heather, Canadian, Psychologist, arrived in Qatar 2016, running regularly for 15+years,

“I run because it is my passion – it’s never a choreor a job. I know how much positivity running particularly in naure can bring to people, so I have created a trail running blog (www.heatherrunstrails.com) to share my experiences, tips and tricks and race reviews in the hope of inspiring others to hit the trails.”

Completed over 30 ultramarathongs in the last 15 years, raced in 5 continents


a.k.a Izzy, British, Primary Teacher, arrived in Qatar 2013, fitness enthusiast, cyclist, triathlete

“I am dedicated to inspire and motivate students, friends and those in the community to take up running/sport for both physical and mental health benefits”.


a.k.a Ross, Filipina, Medical Biller, arrived in Qatar 2014, running regularly for 4 years

“My running journey started from personal weight loss fitness goal, which turned to hobby and later on became a passion. I dedicate this run to connect, motivate, inspire and spread to the community the beauty and discipline of this sports to overall well being both physical and mental. Running is the simpliest form of sports that only requires a pair of shoes and a little desire and is accessible to everyone, young, adult, slow, fast or newbie. Just believe.”

Completed 3 full marathons and 6 ultramarathons to date.


a.k.a Steph, British, Teacher/Army Reservist/ Qualified Solicitor, arrived in Qatar 2017, running regularly for 4 years

“I am actively committed to empowering women and girls in Qatar to participate in sports through my teaching,talks I deliver in schools and universities, my voluntary work with Qatar Running Series, the planning and delivery of the First Female (Q90K Female -Jan 2019) crossing of Qatar East to West on foot, my commitment as administrator of Doha Bay Running Club and the creation of this team, The Desert Roses.”

Complete 18 marathons and 9 ultramarathons to date.


To inspire women and girls to engage in challenging, arduous outdoor activities

To raise the profile of female porting competence in Qatar

To inspire our fellow amateur athletes in Qatar to set ambitious, unconventional personal goals.

To foster a sense of community spirit ahead of National Sports Dat on February 09,2021

To encourage the exploration of Qatar beyond Doha

To lead the students we teach by example.

Stay tuned and follow our journey on instagram @thedesertroses2021

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