ALL IT TAKES IS ALL YOU’VE GOT – The Theeb 50km Trail Race 2020

photocredit from organizers: as runners took off

I knew it will not be easy running another ultra marathon with just two weeks recovery after the other. But I first truly believed that “I. CAN. DO. IT”.

Gathered all the energy left, got the best happy pill with me (the powerhugs from people I love), trusted the organizers and boom!!

It was an amazing and chilly morning at the Zekreet coastline. The race started at 7am and as usual, just couldn’t get rid of butterflies in my tummy.

My left foot was feeling surprisingly good that day. Was injured (sprained) from the 90km Ultramarathon two weeks ago but this is it!

Curious of what does “THEEB” means, found out that it is an arabic words means “WOLF“. So at the back of my mind…ok then, let the beast be unleashed! It was my first time joining this race so the excitement was there.

I so loved and enjoyed the entire course despite the brutal fight against headwind. It was just like an adventure for me enjoying the spectacular views of rock formations (desert mushrooms like shape as they call it), the blue sky, crystal clear water along the coast. I just felt that all elements of nature was with me! Enticed by the cold water, around 20-21Km, I stopped for a while, immersed my legs into it, washed my face and voila! Forgot in a while the hustle-bustle of life in the city.


When I started running, you just couldn’t stop me talking about running. I was so proud to this little bod to see it accomplished these crazy distances. There was no pressure at all though because I had no expectations and every run is a gift. It’s been part of me. Last year, I had setback because of injury. But even this year’s covid thing didn’t stop me from moving. As long as others can, why can’t I and so can you.


Once I fully internalized that thought – my running became a lot more fun. I was able to be risky and put myself out there. I started believing in myself – because WHY NOT? You cannot ride the line of your potential if you don’t believe in yourself, are scared of failure, & feel suffocated by pressure.

So thankful to the people who believe in me, in my potential. Specially to my running community. This sports is for EVERYONE. It may be for you too!!It doesn’t matter how much you do it, it’s just that you DO IT and you LOVE IT!

Another win for Open Womens category. 4hr 15min

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