Get Going – Day 38 of 100

Next time you hear yourself saying, “I really need to…”, just go ahead and do it.

Sometimes, when we promise that we will do something and we don’t, we can slip into a negative cycle of feeling like failure.

And then here comes regret, making some fuss in the air saying..”shit! I should have done this..done that”.

Small jobs that you keep promising yourself that you will do, cleaning out the drawer, sewing a button on those pants, re-potting that plant, reading those books, getting some haircuts, or organizing that closet, enrolling to the course you’ve been etc.

We spend more energy thinking about doing something and then not doing it, and then not liking ourselves for not doing it than it would take to actually do.

Does it make sense?

Boom!! Guilty as charge..πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

==May Happiness Be With You==

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