Talk Yourself Up – Day 32 of 100

I just ran 15km this morning with some of running friends. What kept me going was my positive self talk. If you were there, you can hear me murmuring sometimes haha! I love voicing it out! I talked to the rocks, to bushes, to birds, to camels and even to fishes when I got the chance to dive into the water while savoring the sunrise😂.

Running with these people felt like I was flying🙈

I have proven these several times specially in my running marathons, ultramarathons, races and even just training.

With positive talk you can talk yourself up and lift your mental, emotional and spiritual energies that naturally leads to effective action that accomplishes goals.

Meet my 4 legged friends. A lot of them here😅

Here are some.

I am detetermined and motivated and nothing stops me.

I love life and life loves me back.

Today I am on top of the world and anything is possible.

Today, I am happy, alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!

I am not afraid of anyone or anything.

I feel confident.

I believe in myself 100% and ready to live my dreams.

I am so lucky to be alive

I believe I can do it!

That crystal clear water at Fuwairit beach. After the long run, we ended up here.

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