Blossoming Into a Badass Person With More Faith Than Fear – Day 30 of 100

Gooosh! Cracking that 10min plank I ever did to my entire life!

It was tough!insane! punishment or what?

What was on my mind?

That I can do it.

That I must get things done up for me.

Work hard for the better.

Empower myself so I can empower others.

Mind was telling me I can still do more, though the body was begging to stop, was crying for pain.

But no.

I wanted to probe to myself that I can be bold too.

At that moment, I was more on emotional pain than physical.

Pain of fears, of insecurities, of jealousy, of uncertainties, of weakness, the list goes on.

Trying my best to be the master of my emotions, rather than allowing it run over me.

We are all going through a lot on something, on struggles.

Just have faith and don’t give up.

We got this!


I would like to thank you personally for allowing me flood your reader’s screen or emails daily. I’m one month down now for my 100 days challenge of posting daily motivations heading to my 35th b-day which means 70 more days to go.

I am still religiously doing my 35 push ups daily and so glad to see those biceps growing :). Just want to say I love you guys for connecting.

==May Happiness Be With You==

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