Some Disconnections Will Bless Your Life – Day 25 of 100

Because caring too much about too many things can destroy you.

We have our own individual loads to carry. That simple. Minding more on other people’s business is like putting yourself into fire to get yourself burn.

Don’t offer anything that’s too much for you right now. If you start feeling frustrated because someone is in pain about a situation, but nothing ever changes, you can always just listen without trying to ‘fix’ anything

– Dr. Daramus

I used to be a all an “around concerned citizen”. Problems of family members, problems of friends, of colleagues, of the country or even the world! I do take things seriously.

And I easily trust people. I don’t even need to question your personality as long as you are human to me then we are friend and I will help you. But unfortunately, this opened me up to those who took advantage of me and it hurt me so bad. In the end, found myself devastated.

Because energy and peace are limited resources that will make you depressed and anxious if you spend them poorly.

I learned the hard way to put bounderies.

Disconnecting from people that made me anxious specially online. Getting rid of any account that doesn’t inspire, doesn’t empower, doesn’t make me feel good about myself, doesn’t educate, or entertain me can be found on now my blocked, unfollow or mute button.

Avoiding overexposure to reading or hearing news specially in the morning makes my whole day productive. Trust me, it works!

Pretending you didn’t hear anything haha! I don’t mean to be deaf literally. When I heard someone ranting or complaining about this and that instead of appreciating the positive side of it, I didn’t mind at all!. Plugged my ear buds, looked around, breathe and appreciate that I’m alive.

Choose your battles, let provocateurs leave empty-handed and always your energy more that a pointless victory.

There will and will always be someone who’ll provoke you in all aspects, physically, mentally, emotionally, morally, at work, at home, online, everywhere!

The truth is, I can’t seem to stay in the positive zone always haha. Though I hate that sometimes I fall back constantly. I honestly am a short tempered person trying my best to stay calm and be in positive zone. I don’t mean that I am always right. But I learned that wasting energy arguing with anyone that cares more about protecting their ego than resolving the problem is pointless.

==May Happiness Be With You==

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