Take Action -Day 22 of 100

Do you ever find yourself knowing what you need to do but you’re just not able to get yourself to do it?

Why this happened?

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to start the action and keep it going.

Anytime you face a decision to do something new in you life whether to reach a new goal, start a habit or solving a problem…it’s scary!!

Whether trying to go to gym or wake up in the morning.

Sometimes we need a spark to start the game and keep it going

And other times we need to fire up our butt to remind us that we have to do this action.

When I started this blog there was so much doubt in me if I am capable of doing it or not. But the other side of me was telling me to just start it and I did.

Anytime that you have an idea what’s in your mind act right about it.

By taking action, any small action is still an action.

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