New Month, New Goal: Broke My 24 Minutes In The 5KM Today – Day 16 of 100

Welcoming the last quarter of the year with positiveness wohoooww!

Not yet too late to set our goals be it micro or long term goals. And here is mine.

When someone refers to their PB (Personal Best) or PR (Personal Record), they’re talking about their best time at a specific race distance. For example, “I PRd in my half marathon last weekend.” If you’ve only run one race, you already have your PR. So that’s your personal record for the record.

What I just did today is beating my Personal Goal. I may not consider this as PB because it was not a race, rather a Personal Race.

I am a self-coach, self made runner by my own definition. Running for me is my therapy. And as I’ve mentioned in my About Page, it is one of my Happy Pills.

Since the pandemic started, most of the races were cancelled and some are usually done virtually. Meaning, I am not training for any specific event. I just keep running, anytime..anywhere.


It’s my desire.

To improve, to create my personal goal, with or without people around or races line up.


The challenge is establishing a habit. Waking up early is not that easy but once you program your body clock it automatically goes with the flow. Once I started lacing up my trainers…boom! I’m off!!

As a full time employee, working 6 days a week, I’d usually go out for a 30 min run to start my day. I ran 5 times a week, with 1 day speed session, and 1 day long run( usually 10miles) for 2 months, logging the same amount of mileage (35 to 40 per week) since July.

Would love to make separate page about running, discipline, trainings, nutrition, races etc,.

For the meantime, feel free to stalk me at my instagram for this journey.


I’ve set my LAST QUARTER GOAL FOR THE YEAR on my About Page.

Setting goal is still a GOAL.

How about you? What’s your goal?

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