Surround Yourself With People Who’ll Build You Up – Thanks Goodness!I got You! -Day 7 of 100

Thank you so much bloggers! I am totally overwhelmed today when I got this notification congratulating me for 50 followers! My site is just 23 days old but I just can’t explain how happy I am right now having you around.

It’s me, feeling like a preschooler getting my first ever well done 5 star stamp on hand! Wohoooow!!

Personally, when I launched this site I didn’t mind if readers would love it or ignore it. Just considering it as my personal journal instead. Because why not? I can write and I can express that’s what matters, nothing to lose anyway.

I may be newbie in this journey, scared and hesitant to open up myself to this world though but I’m loving the support of the people here. We maybe connected by the virtual world, but the authenticity of life stories, of ideas, of emotions, of principles fires me up to continue writing, exploring and sharing my own life story which I know can resonate to someone.

Thank you so much for inspiring me!

Wanted to hug you all!


I ran 6km this morning to start the day so I’ve got so much endorphins right now.

Sending you some!!

I’m really happy! Hope you too!

Still in the process of exploring and figuring out some features of this platform. Please excuse some of mess around i.e big pictures,formats etc. might be annoying. I’m open for suggestions, tutorials or comments.

==May Happiness Be With You==

5 thoughts on “Surround Yourself With People Who’ll Build You Up – Thanks Goodness!I got You! -Day 7 of 100

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  1. Woah 6km is no small feat. I can totally imagine how you feel right now. And congrats on your new blogging milestone! Wishing you many more follows to come. Keep on keeping on!


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