3 WH’s Questions I Ask In Reconnecting With Myself

I had a great overnight camping with few friends yesterday by the coastline for an early run the following day. It’s easier than ever to get lost in the day to day activities and stresses of the external world. Work, relationships, errands. And for many of us, it’s a constant effort to please others or be who we think we have to be in order to get the love, respect or appreciation we are after. Those multitasking stuffs are literally energy draining.

The weather was so lovely with a little breeze and splash of ocean waves. And I was literally mesmerized by the beauty of stars and the serenity of the environment. Wished i had a pro camera to capture those!

But anyway, that was a moment of feeling like I was reconnected with myself. I miss it! It was so peaceful. My eyes dropped and eventually passed out while star gazing.

Here we go. I might sound I was just overthinking but in those peaceful moment, I have this few things in mind I tried to digest.


Don’t get me wrong but I love doing self-talk. Well, it is so easy to say “I’m fine!” but come on, project positive thoughts as they say. You can be sound confident and have anxiety. You can look healthy but feel like shit. You can look happy but miserable inside. You can be good looking and feel ugly. So how am I in those adversities?


There seems to be missing. Have you ever feel that sometimes as well? Count your blessings and live the moment as they say and I couldn’t agree more on that. But there is this feeling of emptiness somehow. I have read somewhere that we people tend to long for someone, for something but the truth is no other human or thing can ever fill up the hole that is inside of you. This is something that I’m still trying to figure out.


Bottom line is, no one is coming to bring you to the destination you wished to head to. You just have to keep going. As a runner would say, no one is gonna finish that marathon for you..except you. Nobody is coming to apply for that job for you. No one’s gonna make the real happiness inside except you. No one can say you are happy inside even without smiling outside. We may have the support to figure out what is best for ourselves overtime, but still it is only you who can validate your true color and destination inside.

==May Happiness Be With You==

2 thoughts on “3 WH’s Questions I Ask In Reconnecting With Myself

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  1. I think ‘Where do I go next’ is an important question, and should be asked all the time. Lots of times we forget where we want to head in life and just coast through the days, even years. It’s important to always have a direction to head towards. Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Hey Stuart! Thank so much for dropping and time reading and of course for your fruitful insight. Guilty of charge, sometimes I myself, forget to ask this question specially when I’m stuck. Your smile in your profile resembles my smiley profile too haha! Have a fab day! Let’s keep smiling 🙂


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