It Is Easy To Remove Toxic People in Social Media, How About In Real Life?

One of the answer to the million times question on how to grow and have a happy life is by cutting toxic people out of your life.

How toxic is a toxic person to you?

It’s easy to call someone toxic, but I think it’s not the person who is toxic but it might be their behavior or the behavior that you showed them allowing them cross YOUR boundary. Their behavior triggers you.

I think we all have our triggers and I sure do have mine.

A toxic person online or an acquaintance long time ago is so EASY to delete, block or mute. Well in fact, I have done removing, unfollowing or even blocking people who I think contributes nothing but negativities. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but if it’s going beyond my values and boundaries then I’m pushing that button DELETE. As simple as that.

But how about in real life?

There’s a lot of jerk in the world that we are going to bump into.

How about a friend who would trigger you or pissed you off by simply seeing their face or by simply hearing his/her name?

How about a toxic relationship, an abusive husband or wife or partner?

How about a person taking you for granted?

How about a bossy boss, co-worker or acquaintances?

How about your family member?

And the list goes on.

Guilty as charged, as much as possible I tried to avoid conflicts. I better keep it for myself than throwing up more kerosine on fire. I am not an upfront person but I think I should learn now how to be one. Because most of us don’t know when we are acting toxic already since NO ONE TELLS US that’s why we keep doing it.

We know that people cross in our paths to teach us how to be better, how to express our feelings with respect, how to be patient and how to control our emotions, our anger.

I believe, this “toxicity” is a two way learning. Either they seem toxic to me or me to them. Moreover, it is an opportunity to grow. So when we are triggered, it is trying to teach us something. Maybe there is a pattern of thinking that we need to update.

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