Things I learned From Fear Of What Other People Might Say

I sometimes wonder if anyone here, a sensitive person on the planet has a public account in social media?

Well I would say… you’re a champ!!

I admit, although I’m in my mid 30’s I still SOMETIMES feel like the most sensitive person in the planet!๐Ÿ™ˆ

When I posted something on facebook or instagram or any social media, I was still intimidated by fear of what other people might say. It takes centuries before I can finally punch that POST button and after few more hours of overthinking of like what would people or my friends or my family think about me, I’d right away go to settings and put it in private haha! It was like I was talking to myself then!

I am an acrophovic (person with fear of height), thalassophobic (person with fear of deep water) but I wondered what it’s called for a person with fear on what other people might say.

Here comes Mr. google to the rescue and was surprised to find the word ALLODOXAPOBIA, never heard of that before! Have you?

So while overthinking..well just right now, I’d love to share some of the thoughts that helped me cope up with this struggle.


Speaking up takes confidence. Not just in social media but even by just talking to strangers or with just normal conversations that we have. It takes guts to put yourself out there, to share your opinion to the world, in front of people, to your close friends or family who knows you very well personally. You know that you might encounter possible criticism in the long run but you face them anyway.. that is courage!


I am still alive and kicking! Chances are high that you might embarrass yourself and I already faced countless times of it. Sometimes after a mean comments, I get my little feeling hurt and want to hide. There’s gonna be people who would judge you. There’s gonna be people who would comment nasty stuff on your thing but I learned that peoples reaction is not always about your thing but it’s about them, mirroring themselves, talking about themselves. Cheers! They got your message!


That story is yours. Everyone has their own stories to tell. So people wouldn’t care much about what you’ve just said in the long run. Everyone has an opinion and sometimes things can be taken or interpret it the wrong way and people can be mean or rude. I learned to ask myself, is it helpful? Because if no, I just ignore the comment or delete and move on. No time for that.


Specially if there is a message to share, why not lay your cards on the table.  There will always be people who can relate to you, who can share their experiences or stories because we, people,  learn from our own experiences. My blog 5 years ago was just like a journal to me. So I didn’t care about who would like it or no. I never thought that there are some people whom I’ve touched with my life’s story, that I would received private messages of thanks for inspiring them. That feeling of being proud and happy that in a very small way, I was able to light up someone’s face, that I was able to lift their spirit and that I was able to made them feel they are not alone on their struggle. 


Life is already spiced by full of shits so why make it more shitty. I was raised to be righteous. I should be like this or like that which ended up me being people pleaser. Well I don’t mean to be “mean” but it is just a fact that you cannot please everyone. So why not just enjoy the moment being yourself, being true to yourself. Stop holding back from sharing that message to the world. I learned to just give a go.

We are not guaranteed a smooth journey, there will always be bumps and detractors along the way. But we have to stay firm in our resolve that things WILL work out for us.

6 thoughts on “Things I learned From Fear Of What Other People Might Say

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  1. I’ve never heard of the term either. It feels intimidating to a shy person, to bad it describes the condition๐Ÿ˜
    Well said, developing value within, knowing your worth and realizing that life is meant for the living will boost your confidence. It might be slow, take time, But it’s well worth it. Your value will demand to be heard, seen and recognized on your behalf. Happy for you that you managed to overcome the fear.

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    1. ooh! thank you so much for your time reading and for a fruitful insight. Have so many words to say in mind and so much stories to share but the apprehension of being judge sometimes is the bottleneck.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™ˆ

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      1. Welcome Ross. I hope in time you’ll build the courage to share them. But know that your writing is really good and deserves to be read ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Yeah, there have been one or two times, not too much to worry about, but comments can be read various ways and you always select the first reading, it sort of stays with you for some unknown reason! And then you read it again and you realise that youโ€™re the numpty not them! Life; It is what it is xx

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