Have You Ever Given Someonelse An Advice While You Are Hurting Inside? That’s Strength.

That’s where I was yesterday.

Had a great conversation with friend sharing about our life’s stories, family stories, joys, successes and frustrations. She opened up something like as an eldest, she’s the one responsible to support her younger siblings financially. However, with the world’s current situation affecting her salary being cut, she really felt bad not being able to make it plus the fact that she also has her own personal struggle to handle too. I felt her pain and could see unspoken words in her eyes. I knew all she needed that time was someone to listen.

I was lost for words because we were just on the same boat! I tapped her shoulder, looked straight into her eyes with words of assurance that “everything will be alright”. It took a while before I realized that those words bounced back to me.

So just to break the ice, told her my favorite part of the movie on FINDING NEMO,😅This line is spoken by Dory to Nemo saying.. .”when life gets you down, do you wanna know what you’ve got to do? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.! And yeah, eventually the two of us cheered each other up and since we are both runners, we apparently changed the lyrics to “just keep running, just keep running..”

It can be hard finding the right words to comfort someone who is going through a hard time specially you know deep down it mirrors you. Sometimes words like “it’s ok”, “I’m here for you”, “this too shall pass”, can seem like not enough to express how much you feel for them.

3 thoughts on “Have You Ever Given Someonelse An Advice While You Are Hurting Inside? That’s Strength.

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  1. I love the title to the article. Very deep and a good description to strength.

    It’s a very good and kind act that you did and in deed any good offered from the heart must touch the source to. In a way, you comforted the both of you.

    All will be well.


    1. Ooh! Thank you for kind words. Yeah, each of us has our own struggles and we don’t want to add more to whatever the other person is going through. Having cute sense of humor will help us get through with this life. Hope everything is well with you.

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