5 Things I learned on Overcoming Emotional Triggers

How emotional am I?

I cry when I am angry.

You can see me crying when I hear love songs or when I am at place or see things that reminded me of someone, of pain, of joy.

I cried right away when somebody shamed me in front of people, got upset, doubted myself and felt inferior.

And worst of all, I can pee in pants when someone yelled at me for whatever reason.

I am not a therapist or coach on this but personal experience taught me a lot. Here are some points I learned acronymed with R.E.S.E.T


I usually withdraw myself from the scenario. I am not good in heated arguments and I bound to loose my temper. I’d rather walk away, get out, get some air, walk, run and go elsewhere. Get back and discuss unfinished business once both parties calm down.


If you’ve been a victim of your own judgement about your emotion, I know how terrible it is. Re-establishing my self steem was a long journey. Usually, guilt, shame, insecurities are amongst that factors self judgement. Am I not lovable? Am I not smart or pretty enough to be admired? Why did that damn guy whom I like so much just damped me like a crap? Holy cow! So what do I do when my emotion arises like this? I kept repeating mantras like “I am invaluable”, “it’s his lost not mine”, “may he gets choke when he eats”😜…the latter is kind of kidding but who knowsπŸ˜‚. Just let it out and avoid pity partying.


What if it doesn’t work out? What if I fail? What would other people think about me? Questions sounds familiar to you? I learned to let go and let God. Stop whining and as Nike slogan says “just do it”. Stop talking shits and just do shits and thats makes us smart.πŸ˜‰Thinking of what other people think of you is none of your business. “Wala akong pake!” A Filipino slang for “I don’t care”.


Engage and surround yourself with the positive people. Being weigh down by toxic people is not a super helpful under any circumstances. I literally avoid them not because I don’t like them as a person but to shield myself be consumed by another emotional inner critic. Be involve in like-minded people specially in sports. I highly regards their discipline, the motivation and spirit that they have. Be it running, going to gym or yoga sessions.


Looking back at my posts 3 to 4 years ago, it was almost all about lamenting,regrets, resentmenst and pity partying. Oooheemmgee!πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ. It gives me HUGE smile reading those and proud that I have gone a long way. In those moments, several times I thought it was the end of the world, seemed like there was no hope at all and even wished to end life. All of us suffered from unresolved traumas. Trust me, it is true..that in any unfortunate events, everything is going to be alright.

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