It’s Not Always Easy But It’s Always Worth It

Manage to run 12km at Zekreet desert today at 5am under 36°C but feels like 56° in 80% humidity with few friends from running group. You can see behind me a mushroom-like limestone formations which are one of the most prominent feature of Zekreet’s landscape. Im am sitting on top of one of those actually.

Everyone was preparing for a climb.

I’ve been here several times and the trail is not easy but the magnificent view of sunrise always entices me to come to this place.

Behind me is the Zekreet Beach

It’s a 45min to an hour drive from Doha City. Located nearby to Dukhan on the west coast of Qatar. Zekreet is an exciting beach destination and is a popular spot foe weekend campers as well as water sport enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Always Easy But It’s Always Worth It

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  1. It was a real pleasure to run with you yesterday Rossyle, your company was super and your encouragement and chat was a real treat. Zekreet just happens to be my favorite place to run too, don’t think any place in Qatar can beat that. The sunrise is amazing!


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