Launching my own blog site

So I am putting an end to my procrastination haah!! I am now officially launching my own personal blog, . It’s been a month trying to figure out whether opening up myself to the world will turn me into an inspiring person or I might just screw up haha! The world is scary, yet exciting to explore.

Opening up myself to the world is not something I’ve been taught to do. It is much easier to just sit down in the corner, be silent, keep it to yourself or just mumble. But I know, there are some stories worth telling and a never-ending lessons learned worth sharing that I know will connect me to you in either ways.

So I’d love to start this journey with a big hug from me to you….virtually.! Let’s get connected..!

P.S Since this is my own website now, is it possible to merge/ incorporate my old WP site to my current? Hope to hear from you.

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