Don’t Wait To Be Ready, Stay Ready

Common question I received. Are you training for something or what are you training for? I mean, they were referring to future races or events. Given the world’s current situation, where all running races are cancelled, I was just busy throwing my ass on the road for goodness ooh running’s sake :).

Not because I am preparing for specific marathon or races but running becomes part of my daily routine. I just do it because I love doing it. Instead of following a training schedule for a race, be ready to jump in a challenge that is taking place next week end or tomorrow when a friend invites you to join him/her. The world is giving us tons of opportunities to excel, just have to be ready when opportunity present itself.

Photo was taken in one of our running adventures in sealine desert, we were getting ready to run down the dunes which was adrenaline- rush thing to do.

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