When confidence is the new sexy

Can somebody teach me how to pose in girlish way? 🙂 It took me tons of courage to have this photo. I was terribly shaking and butterflies in tummy were racing. But it’s a milestone for me to pose in two-piece suit today haha!!

You know that feeling like the whole world is eating you alive?? Because you think that all eyes will mock and judge you? You think that your body is not that pleasing, that you have those stretchmarks, or think that you are immoral in whatever they thought? I grew up in a very traditional conservative environment. So the stereotype of fear,of being judge, of insecurities and of discrimination boxed me from the world of being free, spontaneous and living life at the moment.

It took a long while until I realized that whatever people thought about you is none of your business. What matters is the YOU who knows yourself very well inside-out. I know I’m not alone in this struggle. So to shy girls out there, let’s give it a shot!!

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