About Me

….I am Ross, 34-year-old Filipina, a working expat (OFW) in the Middle East Doha Qatar, my second home for 6 years. I’ve spent my childhood years with a strong rural family background in the Philippines where farming is the main source of living. The experience of working hard to make ends meet drove me to apply for scholarships just to finish studies from high-school to college, became a working student, earned my Bachelor’s degree with flying colors and landed a well-paying job.

…Sometimes, things didn’t go as planned.  I became single parent 10 years ago, focused myself to a typical house-work routine, got busy with family responsibilities and almost forgot that there is a life outside the box. The roller coaster of life continues. I left my home country, expanded my horizon and search for a greener pasture. So here I am, considering myself a “late bloomer” though, but I strongly believe that dreams never end.

…Living in a foreign land, home away from home is not an easy journey. An eye opener that brought me to the discovery of my passion for running, working out, travelling, eating well and blogging which I call “my happy pills” and my life savers. In this blog I’d want to share those endorphins that have gotten me through a lot of hard times which I’m pretty sure most of us can relate.


Happy reading!

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