How I loose Weight Naturally (3 Practical Tips)

You looked chubby! Oh, you’re too skinny for that! etc..etc..phew!

Indeed, we cannot please everybody no matter what we do, what we say or who we are.

A friend asked me, how long it took you to loose weight? What did you do? What did you take?Are you ok with that?

Well, it’s a loooong story. It’s never one of the overnight success. I didn’t take magic pill or grabbed a product of infomercial dieting pills. Rather, I was a product of a roller coaster rides of a low self-esteem aspiring girl to become someone, to break a chain, to make a difference.

Motivation for me did not come naturally, I created it.

I always admire people with appealing abs haha! It’s not that I fantasized their body but I applauded the discipline and determination they had. I know it’s not an easy journey. It took them a lot of hardworks to get there, from the discipline of food intakes to the pain of work outs endured. So, it gave me a thought of hmm..IF THEY CAN, I’M SURE I CAN TOO!.

I was never into sports during my youth, neither during school days nor even in THE genes. But the breast cancer that run in the family history freaked me out. Plus the paranoia of becoming a possible carrier since I am the only girl in the 5 siblings was getting into my head. My grandmother (may she rest in peace) died with breasts cancer.

With all the faith I have, I promised myself then that I must do something to prevent it. I have to change my fate.

I already knew the answer even before asking myself how.

Below are my 3 personal effective tips on how to loose weight.


Working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week is really daunting. So to break the cycle, I started walking at least once a week for maximum 2 hours. Until it became habit, until I started small steps of jogging until I realized I fell in love with running. From 1km until to even more. I got hook to it and even brought me to running races, marathons and ultra marathons.

Although I tried enrolling to gym, unfortunately I got bored. I was just more than a lazy pig to go out everyday because of exhausting work. I felt, I just wasted my money plus it was quite expensive for me. So I focused then on running. At least there was this feeling of freedom and getting some fresh air once outside.

Thanks also to “youtubersity” as I call it, there are ample of home work outs/excercises available where I sometimes do.


Goodbye carbs!sugar!salt!

Welcome greens!fruits!veggies!

CARBOHYDRATES or we call it carbs. For almost one year, I’ve totally given up rice. We Filipinos love eating rice because we grew up with it. A meal is not a meal without rice. It was hard at first, but eventually my taste bud forgot how it tasted. So what was my alternative then? Boiled potatoes, wheat bread and other natural energy source carbs i.e banana.

SUGAR This includes giving up sodas, instant coffee,candies and my love for chocolates. So I made sure fruits are at reach.

SALTS or salty foods especially junk foods. I’ll admit, I was a fan of junkies. Fooling my own belief that it will just be washed out by drinking lots and lots and lots of water. I limit putting salt as well in my cooking. As much as possible, recipes are boiled, blanched or steamed.

I’m not a vegetarian, aspiring though hah! Not even nutritionist. I am not so conscious about the number of calories intake and burnt as well. But I make sure to include proteins such fish, meat, dairy products and eggs in my meal.


I can guarantee that this way too effective! Since I work in the middle east, where observance of Ramadan for our Muslim brothers and sisters is being practiced I used this opportunity to take fast in solidarity to them. Although, mine was not similar to the religious practice they have,14 hours from sunrise to sunset for 30 days, I made it personal.

Perhaps, most of us already familiar with  intermittent fasting (IF) — a way of eating where the body uses fat as an energy source instead of glucose. Instead of eating whenever you want throughout the day, you’re limited to consuming your daily caloric intake within a 12-hour window, and then required to fast for the other 12 hours.source: (google search)

Actually, there are different types of IF but for me I used a 12 hour window. Meaning to say, I ate only twice a day. I made sure I’m on the table at 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening. A whole day without food and water but making sure I re-hydrate well at night..for 30 days.

So there. These are just 3 amongst numbers of tips you can find everywhere about how to loose weight.

Proven and tested by me. As easy as 1..2..3 and it requires COMMITMENT.

So if you are ready to commit, these tips fits you.

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