How to Run with Mask

How it affects my running?

When running with mask becomes fashion 🙂

It was beginning last May 16 when the local government of Doha, Qatar issued precautionary measure of wearing mask be mandatory when leaving the house for any reasons. Violators of new rules will face up 3 years in jail or a fine of 200K Qatari riyal ($55,000). Although, I’ve been observing this (wearing mask) even before such new ruling, the weight of the punishment scares me! I can already build my 3-rooms bungalow type dream house in that huge amount which I haven’t had yet as of the moment haha. Never in my wildest dream caressing cold steel bar.

I truly understand the seriousness of this measure. It is not just to protect myself as runner but to protect other people from me as well. As what I’ve been always saying, grateful that we are still allowed to go out and do physical activities such running, jogging or even walking. These are simple things not to be taken for granted. Just have to follow the rules and be courteous.

As per experience, running, jogging or even walking with mask is manageable at the start upto 2km but literally uncomfortable in the the long run. Physical activities as those requires tremendous oxygen to keep us going. Below are some of my personal tips how I survived running with mask.

  1. Choose routes that are less crowded. Since parks are close, there are still open areas where residents can do physical activities but of course observing social distancing. I intentionally separate myself from potentially crowded places so I opted running on roads or just within my residential and nearby blocks.
  2. Adjust time for running. I prefer going out at 4:30am the earliest before roosters crow and while people are still snoring in bed. Plus a better way to start the day blessed by the sunrise viewing.
  3. Keep the pace slow and manageable.
  4. Choose the right mask you’re comfortable with. I tested wearing both the surgical mask and N95 one, but I ended to wearing the fabric mask instead. I’ts breathable, washable and fits snugly over my nose and mouth.
  5. Pulled it up whenever I am in the vicinity of others, when someone is coming towards me or when I am about to pass a person. Pulled it down when there’s no one around and when they are about 20m away from me.

Basically, runs should really be in areas where you can be alone or places where you won’t encounter anyone else. There is no point to wearing a face covering or mask if you are not going near to people at all.

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