Plan of Getting Married?

Breaktime in the office and I was stunned by one of my office mate’s question. “Do you have any plan of getting married”?

I felt my face turned red! Oh my gosh! I didn’t see that question coming! It’s not an easy question answerable by yes or no. My ego was like, is it a humiliating question? Excuse me! Am I unmarriageable person? And I think I was loosing my brain cells at this rate. Totally lost my reasoning skills haha!

We were having conversations about the current pandemic, situations of our families back home, plans about futures and talks about the next 5 to 10 years from now. Whether we remain expat in those years or go back home to our country for good.

So as to defend my ego, I answered him back with the Ms. Universe level award-winning statements. Do I need to?. I’m not in a hurry anyway plus I am happy loving myself right now. Although I’m not closing my door, that right time will come. And I am true to that.

The talk did not end there. “We’re not getting any younger so you better be hurry.!”. Come to think of it, you should have at least another kid so you have someone to take care of you when you get old. He replied. Oh!oh!

In the Philippines, it’s a norm when a parent gets old and retire, children take care of them, support them until their last breath. With the strong family ties, we cannot just afford to send them to organizations like homes for the elders and let them live alone and be separated. Plus of course considering the monetary value it will cost.

If those are the only reasons I should marry, then I won’t.

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