One day, I’ll write my Own Book!

With conviction!

I’ve always dreamed of writing a book. But how and when, are  the ageless questions that has indefinite answers…yet! Haha! Pinch me, I am dreaming!

Just a sudden thought I have right now. Can I?

I belong to the 80’s generation. Grew up in rural area. Way back then, there was no internet yet, no cellphone, not even television.  I love reading comics, pocket books, books at school, fictions and non-fictions. But my favorite of course are those magical or fantasy books. Who wouldn’t like it? That’s where my dream of becoming a princess started haha!

I remember I’ve almost cause fire in the house.  Gas stove was not even in dictionary that time. Our way of cooking was using firewoods. I forgot to put water on the rice I was cooking that resulted to getting it literally toasted. The smell of burnt rice spread through the entire house. I was too focus on reading that I forgot everything around.

My latest discovery of my passion about running might be my niche. Things like discipline on trainings, discovery of the other side of me, from baby steps to becoming long distance runner and many more.

I know, there is something in it I wanted to share, some worth to read inspiring messages and might as well touch someone’s life in whatever form.

Let see. 🙂

This is a photo of me holding the gold medal I won during the Virtual 42km (Full Marathon) in Ladies Category just last month.Will definitely post a story behind it. A run that I personally offered to the frontliners and people afflicted by current pandemic. (not a good quality photo though)




I am visioning myself that one day, I’ll make a pose like that holding not just a medal but also a book authored by no other than me.

May the universe conspires.😊


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