Untold Emotions

I had so much in mind that i wished I’ve said
but always speechless when our eyes met
couldn’t even say a word every time I’m with you
coz I was too scared that I might just loose you

I may admit Love,I still get butterflies,
though I’ve already seen you a couple of times
Tried to avoid you, as much as I could
But this pretending can no longer hold

Your simple gestures meant so much to me
A simple how are you? a good aftee bunny!
i smile like an idiot when you’re messaging me
do you also miss me?or am i just too dreamy

I let you stole my heart 2 years to be exact
but now it’s ok, to not bring it back
I’m sorry for being crazy, jealous and grumpy
just to camouflage the pain, that I didn’t want you to see

Thank you for the friendship,thank you for the hugs
thank you for sweet kisses, for simple goodnight
although shy to confess, these emotions untold
but my world needs reset, as the new year unfolds

A love-filled Christmas, is my wish for you
A joyous New year, on your special day too
May you be blessed with good health, more marathons to go
We will still be running, and thank God I met you!

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