My first solo backpacking(Indochina)- THAILAND as First drop off


It took 3 decades before I could finally say, I’ve traveled on my own! Yeheeyy!!

The excitement began as I booked a two-way ticket  to three Asian countries, ThailandCambodia-Vietnam for a 5 days 4 nights travel. Queuing at the airport, wrapping up my first international solo trip and  with a heart-beating fast, I managed to pass the immigration’s common question, “what’s your purpose of travelling?  Armored with smile and confidence, my consistent answer was “for leisure -smile :)”.  You might wonder how come it’s only now? I had the same question in mind actually. Well, I don’t know also what happened haha! I should have done it during my early age, in my 20’s or at least on my late 20’s.  Maybe because of countless responsibilities I had, or I just didn’t trust myself so much that time.

So to begin with, I landed at Suvarnabhumi Intl Airport Bangkok, Thailand with my Philippine passport for 3 hours plane travel, leaving my country of origin around 1am and landed 4am.  Philippines is 1 hour ahead of Thailand, so the confusion  of time difference began as I landed :).

The arrival.

Take note that  Philippine Passport holder can visit Thailand visa free. So proceed straight to the immigration for passport stamping and you may get your luggage directly afterwards. I opted not to get an arranged  transport from the airport to hostel because I really wanted to explore how to get there by public transport. The travel was about one and a half travel (depending on traffic). See bus transport details below.

BUS NO.S1 Suvarnabhumi Airport(06.00-20.00) – Khaosan Road(07.00-21.00)
Fare 60 Baht. Boarding bus stop at passenger terminal fl.1 gate 7 and arrival bus stop at WAT BAVORNNIWET (วัดบวรนิเวศ).

Thai Baht – thailand currency

Since I needed local currency, for the bus fare and future expenses, I exchange my $50.00 on hand with $1=29.95bht exchange rate that time. So I had around 1,500 thai baht on hand.


Finally found the Mint Hostel I booked via after almost 30 minutes walk following map/location how to get there given to me online. Oopsy, my fault actually.  I forgot that I had my phone with me. I should have turn on my gps instead of searching the place manually. But I  was just so excited, nervous and hungry that time that I almost forgot everything haha!

One of the Temples I visited

My original itinerary was to go to Elephant Sanctuary at Chiang Mai. But unfortunately, I was not able to catch the 7am departure of the tour since I arrived late around 8:30 am  to my Hostel. The temperature outside was too hot, so I just rented a a Tuk-tuks(a tri-cycle used to be everyone’s favourite way of getting around Bangkok before the BTS, MRT and colourful taxis took over) and visited some temples downtown instead.

Spent my whole day exploring the city. And of course, I never let the night passed without tasting Thailand’s original local recopies of Pad Thai and Tom Yum. I took an overnight stay in the hostel (where I met several backpackers also)and prepared myself for the next day’s Siem Reap, CAMBODIA.




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  1. Kudos to you for ticking off an item on your bucket list! 🙂 If I may ask, however; did the Thai immigration authorities require “show money” when you have your passport checked?


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