Bringing Myself Back on Track

I have been into a 21 day vacation. And yes! I had an amazing travel! It was literally a homecoming of being away from the past, a result of the decision I made 5 years ago. The decision that I had to become someone else. The decision to step into uncertainty, create my future and discover the better me. Thus one of the the hardest decisions I ever had was whether to stay put and struggle harder or take memories with me and just move on. The continues learning, growing and embracing pain strengthened me. I know, time doesn’t wait for me nor get it back. But I am thankful that I’ve grown in between those times. Grateful that I am blessed with family, friends and people who inspired me and opened my eyes that life doesn’t end in a box.

Kodus to all women who has the courage to pursue their dreams despite being trapped in responsibilities, chained in abusive relationships and crippled by fear of spreading their wings. I get it. I know it’s hard. But when you do and give it a shot, everything will fall at the right place, at the right time. Just do it and don’t be afraid. Before you know it, you are brave enough to explore the diversities of the world.

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  1. Congratulations on daring greatly! Your courage is inspiring! Putting ourselves out there instead of hiding behind a computer or a nine-to-five dead end job is threatening, but also glorious. Many people wonder what it would be like to take that first step to a more meaningful, joyful life, you have done this. Bravo! 😊🌷👍


    1. Thank youu!! Actually you are right! And I was once one of those people who asked “what would it be like to take that first step to a more meaningful life”. 🙂 I dared myself and just be like Nike..just do it! There was this thought of like, “I know, there must be something out there for me, I have to discover it, chase it!


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