What If I die Today?

Death is certain, but when and how is uncertain. Sounds too cliche but this suddenly popped in my mind today.

I woke up with painful left arm. Oow, I might have slept in wrong position as I assessed it. I satdown for a while, got up from bed and did mild stretching. Everything went normal,ate my breakfast and headed to work. As I was about to grab something above me and raise my arm in about 45 degree angle I suddenly felt sharp shooting pain on my left shoulder radiating to my arm. The pain was excruciating. I halted for a while and cried because holy molly! I couldn’t bear the pain at all. Office mates concernedly rushed towards me and asked what happened.

I sat down for a while without moving my left arm. Flashes of what if..what if..came to my mind. Not now please..I prayed. I am finally flying back home to my country on Friday for the first time after 5 years of being away so I deeply prayed not now..not now please.. I will make sure to make up the times in 5 years that I was gone. I miss my family so much, my parents, my son. I’ll make sure that my vacation will be remarkable one. Everything was planned then. But after experiencing today’s terrible pain that almost immobilized me, I realize that everything in this world will mean nothing if in just a second you’ll be gone. Am I thinking too much or am I just having panic attack?

After minutes of relaxing and composing myself, I went to the physiotherapist and have it examined. Thanks God that it was just a ligament sprain and muscle spasm. He did some careful movements and massage on it. I was given ibuprofen medicine for pain relief and muscle relaxant. Sighed! In moments like this, I just couldn’t help but worry. I feel relieved now but still cannot make full movements of my left arm I am using my right while typing. No words can express how thankful I am to my Creator for allowing me continue to live in this world.

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