Year Ender 2018

Dear Chances, Opportunities and Changes,
Be it small or big, in whatever form you may appear…I AM READY!

This year was awesome! It leads to the discovery of the other version of me that contributed a lot in my physical and emotional transformation. I did fall in love with running eventually! Yeheey! Well, anybody can run but it takes a special spirit to go to distance running. It is something you could do to yourself and can even help you through the toughest times. While I found it exhausting to push my physical limit at first, I found it more rewarding in so many different levels after all.

Thank you is not enough words to the One Who takes care of everything I can’t handle.

Thankful to my family who’ve been my inspiration on this journey.

Thankful to the friends and every person I met along way the whole year through, social media,running mates,crazymates.

Thankful for every joys and pains that gave me lessons to learn and turned me to be better person.

Now let’s welcome a new year with hope, confidence and aspirations. No matter what we do, maybe travelling, stuck in traffic, cry while chopping onions, get drunk, fall off the bike, get into failed relationships, break a leg (which I literally experiencing now), shits from running injuries and might fall in love over and over again, those too shall pass.

There maybe circumstances that are beyond our control, I’m pretty sure we’ll end up okay and at peace because we have faith.

Happy New Year!

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