Part of the game, part of life,part of becoming stronger is the thing called injury. No matter how much extra careful we do, it happens unexpectedly.
Month of October was an injury month for me, physical and emotional. I felt drained. Why did they have to go through those together? Oh God!
Maybe because a problem-free life doesn’t exists? perhaps boring? “wink”.
Well, the physical pain I got was some groin injury. Needless to say, it was part of the excessive physical work outs I did. That later on I realized my body was screaming for a slow down.
The emotional thing was like a roller coaster. It’s common especially for ladies to cry sometimes for a very shallow reason. Do you experience that too? Especially when the girl thing (monthly period) is just days away? I am guilty of this. Like a girl in the mirror, I cried that crazy emotions of sadness and anxieties out. I kept silent to figure things out. I prayed to recover wisdom. After that, I am like a child again. Ready to play under the rain, ready to explore another day, another challenge, another adventure.

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