When month of August arrived, I wanted to write something essential, something worthwhile and something inspiring that whenever I read it, I would be reminded to be strong, be calm and be broad-minded. But time flew that fast, that I didn’t noticed it’s the last day of of the month. In those days that had past, I’ve been trying to analyze things seriously that brought me to a sudden emotional and ill-tempered manner. Thanks to my running hobby that at least destructed my overthinking mind. So what would I say now.

I have been so active and tried being transparent of who I am. We know very well that we pass this life once so why are we so cautious to try to impress others, to try to please others and to try to be the person that you are not. I just wonder why would we need to pretend and to mask ourselves from reality. Why not be me as me? Why would I allow myself be affected of how they branded me? Ooppsy..did I sound overthinking again?

It’s my third day today recuperating from hamstring pulled muscle injury caused by running. I run whenever I feel tired. I run so hard. I run with no direction, I run until I feel the pain, until I found myself enjoying it. Probably I’ve been so hard to myself and been stubborn this past few days. Am I punishing myself? Nope. this is just my way of recuperating, of restoring myself when I am alone.

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