Breaking the cycle of hurt

It is a daunting task to do breaking a cycle of hurt. You’ve got to go against yourself, against your ego and against your pride. In this world full of hatred, of emotions,of grudge, of resentment and of revenge,it is heroic thing when you decided to do the opposite.

Smile when you’re hurt, give love when rejected, forgive when oppressed and ignore when pained. I don’t know how to say it but in my personal experience, I think it would mean a more on personal battle. I was once a crushed woman, cursed, abused,cheated and insulted (verbally and emotionally). I even didn’t know myself anymore. Sometimes I asked myself why the heck those demeaning people exist in this world? Yeah, out of bitterness I can even badmouth them. Can they just disappear, get drowned in the ocean, be eaten by monsters or much better yet, be thrown to hell. After saying those words, there is this feeling of relief and victory! But hey! it hits me back!

Nobody is perfect, neither me.  We were born alone and gonna die alone. But no matter how mean the world is, we still need those people to complete the journey to call this world home. Instead of putting up with those monsters and becoming one of them, I chose to get up and redeem my own identity. I chose to be positive no matter how  cruel the world is . I chose to love despite the hurt it brings. I chose to forgive myself as I forgive my foes. I will continue to choose living not just exist but as ultimate choice.

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