The Game of Life

Yesterday, I was able to beat the April Friday the 13th which is considered an unlucky day in western superstition. But I personally don’t believe on this. I finished the 10K RACE at Qatar Running Series winter edition getting First Place to Podium with a smile under the drizzling rain. My past races and awards brought me so much joy and self fulfillment. But hey, I think it would be more fulfilling if I can celebrate it with the person who got me motivated and inspired me to make it to this point. So I tried to reach him out. But unfortunately, it is really upsetting that we sometimes don’t end up getting the things we expected it to be. He turned me down. Well it’s ok.

nobody can write

It may not be the result I was expecting but sure everything has it’s purpose. Things are unpredictable, life is unpredictable, people are unpredictable and so as emotions.

This heart may be my weakness but I know this will always be my strength. I’m honestly feeling down right now.  But eventually, I believe it will just pass like a wind. In this kind of game, its about being happy with what I have and what life brings my way, about learning to accept when I was less yet always striving to be better…that’s winning.!





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