Motivation Is What Gets You Started

Last March 2,2018 was one of the best moment of my life. Yes I had my race and finished it to podium injured free and got the 3rd place from 28Kilometer run Al Adaid Desert Challenge ( It was a run over the desert highway, across sandy patches and cross over 6 sand dunes to reach the finish line at Khor Al Adaid.28468582_1471898802923090_3033602749787270844_n


The photo was taken while i was on my 2nd dune struggle. It was really hard to run in sand and at this point in time I started to feel my legs cramped. There was no way out but continue the journey. I kept on repeating the mantra in my mind “what is 28Kilometers compared to 100 miles that I ran a week ago!” Focus.

When your struggle seems unbearable, how do you lessen the burden? Count your blessings, bear the pain because it will not stay forever anyway. Nobody would live your life for you but you. Nobody would take that pain for you but you. Start strong. Stay strong. Finish strong.


Life is more on self-race. There is this best feeling of fulfillment when you accomplished something that you once have thought would be impossible to do. The power of mind setting plays a vital role too.





When I started running, my motivation was just to loose weight and to find myself. Wait a minute, find myself? What did I mean by that?haha!

In the long run, I just realized that running had already been part of my life. Though sometimes I can’t control my heart (wink),at least I got the power over my legs. Focus on your strengths instead of weaknesses as folks say. Super true!

1st – UK, 2nd – Kenya, 3rd – Philippines It was the very first race I ever got a cash prize. Regardless of the amount, the story and lessons behind those numbers was the best prize I’ve ever got.



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