How I did my First 10K Race

As of writing this, I am lying on my bed now relaxing after my first ever 10K race done this morning. It was done at Aspire Park organized by Doha College. Since this is my very first time to join the official race with I think in just a few months of training, mixed emotions was with me since last night. But despite of it, I settled myself to sleep from 10pm and woke up at 4am that’s about 6 hours of sleep. My co-runner picked me up from my place at 5am and the registration started at 5:30 to get our bib number as well. So, while waiting to officially start the race, we did some slow jog for about 300 meters as warm up.
The race started exactly at 7:00am and the course was a multi-terrain, with
possible hazards and obstacles. We will complete 1 lap for 5km and 2 for 10km.
Here’s the picture of the club I was with. It’s more exciting and motivating that you are surrounded by positive people.

I was happy with the result despite the culprit that stole my few meters pace. After finishing the first lap and after I think about 6k, I experienced sudden spasm on my right abdomen that I found it painful to breathe. So, I slowed down and walked for about 1K while I tried to manage my breathing. That was not cool for me at all. I stopped for a while and even thought of giving up and call medics because I couldn’t hardly breath. Thanks to the determination and divine intervention, I still managed to recuperate and did the walk, then slow run and back to my normal pacing. Upon reaching the finish line, another unfortunate seconds happened. Normally, the start and finish line has just the same point. But as I was about to reach the finish line which was on the left side of the lane, I mistakenly entered the Start lane which was on the right side. So, the people around shouted woooooh..! You’ve gotten the wrong lane!..go to the left for finish lane! Oooh My God! That was also a couple of seconds that I lost for just turning back!

So the 3 great personal lessons I got from today’s challenge are as follows:

1.Be well prepared physically,emotionally and mentally. We never know when, how or where the injuries may occur during the race. Remember the advised or tips from the experienced ones. From speed,breathing techniques and striding. It helps.

2.Presence of mind is a must. Be keen with every details of the course. Remember that it is more on “self-competition”. Everybody has its own pacing. Try to compete your own pace on how you could either maintain or excel it.

3. Focus. I think due to too much excitement, nervousness and many other things playing in my mind, I was destructed too much. Since, it’s my first time, I really got destructed every time somebody runs ahead me so the tendency was to try my best to exert more energy that left me exhausted and panting at the end of just few meters.

Overall, I am still satisfied with my result. Getting the 13th place out of 94 Female Junior Category Runners.

Now, I know what to do nextime.


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