Running Challenges

While everybody were still snoring and enjoying a sound sleep, my feet started to stride. It was a fine Tuesday morning, woke up at 4:45am then went out at 5:05am. Started a warm up walk for about 500m from my accomodation then began the jog for the remaining distance upto 5K reaching MIA park. I have reached the place about 5:35am and that was roughly 30min for 5k? Not bad at all! I walked-jogged inside the park while savoring the beautiful sunrise facing the sea and the hill. This was the prize!

God’s magnificent creation!

I Did some stretching for about 10 minutes. Continued jogging way to home from 6:00am exactly and reached home about 6:25am. Rested for 15min and took a shower in preparation for work.
Creating positive output on your mind means setting up goal.

I will go the distance


Here are some of the challenges that I encountered

1. Waking up early morning – It was really a challenged for me and I’m sure to others also to wake up in the wee hours. So, in order to get up and move quickly, I already prepared all the stuffs I’ll be needing the night before the run,e.g. the shoes, what clothes to wear for that day etc.

2. Hitting the red light – Means, making a longer strides to cross the road while the stop light turned red or else you will be spending about 1-2 minutes waiting for the green signal to go with which, I should have been in a miles away running.

3. Targeting the time set
Setting time should be strictly followed. I should be in my accomodation for about 6:30am maximum becuase i still need to prepare for work. Being late should not exist in the dictionary.

4. Destruction of vehicles
Running in a zigzag manner is like running drunk. I have been alert all the time while I was along the road.

5. Mental Devils
My toes were swollen and experienced little pain that time after finishing few miles. So, what the hell am I doing in the middle of the street? I should just have stopped, given up and went back to sleep. I was also anxious because I thought that people around me were all staring at me while I was jogging.




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